ameba, Koivussaari, Fínsko, 2008

(international competition - colaboration with Filip Krump) Koivusaari is located on the east-west corridor of the developing metropolitan region. Its position is very attractive with a great potential. There is a plan to create the “core of social life” from present single-function island. Koivusaari border on the west with district of Espoo therefore will become the entrance gate between two cities. Idea of this project is to create this „city-gate“ in spirit of nature – image of Finland as the most forested country in the world. The gate won’t be built as a construction but as a green corridor connecting two parts of Koivusaari divided by Länsivaylä. This idea of nature can be seen in the whole project. Visitors as well as all people living here will be still tightly connected with surrounding. Long views opened up to the archipelago landscape and water-level are utilized as well as possible. Koivusaari as an area of “population centre activities” is generated by multi-function content. Having a strong identity with high quality home environment filled up by services and many workplaces, Koivusaari is becoming the proper area for meeting people together, relaxing and self-realization. The area covered by the competition will be changed into green place characterized by plenty of people passing trough this area. So it will be specific and very suitable as a “gate” connecting two districts of Helsinky and Espoo.

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